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Alinari Firenze

Alinari Firenze is a fashionable lifestyle Italian brand producing women’s and men’s designer leather bags and accessories in a stylish and modern design, combining the luxury of the materials with beauty and creativity.
The Alinari collection, born out of unique artisianal heritage, where the elegance is intertwined with a perfect Italian quality, gives life to magical creations.

All the bags are made in Florence by the best Tuscan craftsmen encompassing their long tradition.

The essential and neat lines are the essence Alinari style. The use of natural colours, together with the refined design, creates a high class product but at the same time ensures it is very practical and versatile.
The Alinari collection of bags is the expression of elegant and creative Italian style, where the beauty and simplicity are intertwined with good taste and impeccable quality.


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