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Care Guide

Leather bags have a very unique appeal. They are accessories suitable for any kind of occasion and very durable. For a woman, wearing such a precious accessory is truly an added value, and we at Mink know something about this: we have been involved for years in the creation and production of luxury leather handbags, which fully satisfy the needs of all customers.

Leather handbags are perfectly suited to all seasons and are sported in any shade and colour, sometimes neutral tones are chosen, at other times, more flamboyant and eccentric ones. In any case, the leather bag remains a timeless accessory that always stands out for its elegance. Our company has been committed for years to making bags using top quality materials, which is why it is important to preserve them well over time and enhance them in the right way.

Although leather becomes more beautiful and fascinating as it ages, there are many useful methods for renewing and regenerating it. To be able to renew leather handbags, therefore, it is necessary to follow some basic tips.

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Traditional methods for cleaning a leather handbag

Often, our customers ask how it is possible to care for a leather handbag by cleaning and regenerating the fabric correctly. We at Mink generally recommend some of the most popular methods, such as the use of cleaning milk.

This product is perfect for regenerating the appearance of our leather handbags, without the risk of damaging them. By putting a knob of cleansing milk on a damp cloth, in fact, it is possible to clean the surface gently with excellent results. Another traditional method that we often recommend to our customers is the use of Vaseline, which not only cleans the leather surface but also keeps it soft and supple.

As regards the cloths to be used for cleaning leather bags, it is preferable to use wool or cotton ones, slightly dampened. Finally, for drying, it is necessary to leave the bag outdoors, without using heat sources or exposing it to direct sunlight, which could ruin the fabric.


Natural methods for regenerating a leather handbag

In some cases, we also advise our customers to use other techniques for cleaning our leather handbags; these are natural methods that vary according to the type of leather. We are always keen to point out that our production is faithful to the ancient tradition of Made in Italy, and therefore it is important to use natural and non-aggressive methods, to avoid damaging the excellent quality of the top-quality leather that we choose for the production of our bags.

Among the alternative methods, there is the use of steam, which we generally recommend for cleaning dark leather handbags; by placing the bag next to the steam, dabbing the areas to be regenerated with a cotton ball or cloth, it is possible to clean the leather surface to perfection. Another method, which we recommend to our customers for cleaning light-coloured leather bags, is to use egg white.

This is a very useful technique to regenerate the leather, making it shiny and soft again, as good as new.

Obviously, in this case, we advise our customers to avoid types of leather that are too delicate, such as suede, which are more absorbent, and which therefore risk staining with egg white.


Everyday Care

Here are a few tips for taking care of your leather goods:

  • Keep your accessories clean. Dirt acts as an abrasive, causing scratches and blemishes over time.
  • Apply a leather conditioner to nourish the leather and prevent drying out. This will help keep the natural oils in place, avoid cracking or peeling, and extend the life of your accessories
  • It can be tempting to stuff your bag, but remember that leather is skin and won't stretch in the same way. Overstuffing your handbag will change its original silhouette.
  • Take care of all your leather goods. Take time each week to remove dust and spots with a soft cloth or brush.
  • You might want to be a little more cautious when you're wearing your nicest clothes. Scratching against heavily embellished clothes, sharp surfaces.
  • If it's going to rain, make sure you bring an umbrella.


How to regenerate suede?

The collection of luxury accessories by Mink offers customers a vast selection of bags that differ in size, format and type of leather. Among the many models offered by our company, there are also those in suede, which obviously require more delicate cleaning.

The very special velvety effect of suede bags, in fact, is obtained thanks to a specific polishing technique that is applied to the inner layer of animal skin. In addition to being particularly charming and elegant, the result is more precious and delicate, and must be treated with extreme care. Generally, we recommend treating suede bags with brushes with soft bristles and performing linear movements in a single direction for cleaning, without exerting too much pressure on the surface. In this way, you can best regenerate and renew a suede bag without risking weakening the leather and damaging it.

To preserve the quality of our leather bags at all times, we advise customers to absolutely avoid using certain cleaning methods that are completely damaging to the leather.