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How we select Premium Craftsmen Designer

Our mission is to select Italian brands with a strong connection with their territory, promoting and preserving local materials, know-how, environment impact, premium materials and techniques.

In our Store, we value the tradition of Made in Italy and refuse to sell mass-produced garments because we encourage you to buy responsibly and choose timeless products with a soul and a story to tell.

Artisia Store - How we select artisans

We know exactly how a product is made and who made it.

We value brands that produce by hand, in small batches, guaranteeing us that each piece is crafted in a unique way.

We research craftsmen and products that create high-quality bags, starting from first-rate materials, and working them with passion and expertise. It is a long series of steps, techniques and tricks that make products unique.

Artisia Store - We select the highest quality products made by artisans

Every luxury product should be made fairly.

Our project starts from the idea that it is possible to offer high-quality products at an affordable price that everyone can afford without having to skimp on materials or production.

Our craftsmen reduced unnecessary costs, shortened the pipeline and eliminated everything that was detrimental to the customer adopting an efficient and sustainable business model that was leaner, more dynamic and less wasteful.

In this way, we can promise high-quality and long-lasting pieces, which you’ll be able to use and love for a lifetime.

As an additional step, we also do a final quality check before each product is being shipped to ensure it meets the highest quality standards.

We support conscious consumption by not overstocking but operating on a made-to-order business model: our brands start producing their products only after receiving a customer’s order. This is our way to encourage a more ethical and sustainable approach to luxury shopping.